Presentation edition – the fine print

[Updated 5 March 2015]

The presentation edition of Singing the Faith has been published by Hymns Ancient and Modern and produced with ease of use in mind. It is lighter and easier to hold than the Music edition already published and is similar in look and feel to the presentation edition of Hymns & Psalms.

The book is printed on fine, Bible paper with gilded page edges and features a flexible, red leatherette cover, a ribbon marker and head and tail bands.

Page size: 216 x 143mm (same as current Music Edition)
Spine width: 39mm (cf. current Music Edition – 55mm)
Page weight: 28 gsm – the same as for the Hymns & Psalms presentation edition
Total book weight: 830g

The presentation edition has incorporated all amendments noted since the publication of the Music Edition, first print run.

Price: £50

Available direct from Methodist Publishing.

10 Responses to Presentation edition – the fine print

  1. Pam Burgess says:

    Is there any plan to have a words only presentation edition of Singing the Faith?

    • Editor says:

      We are open to suggestions like this, Pam, and can pass them on to the book publishers, Hymns Ancient and Modern. We continue to keep fresh options under review. Thanks for being in touch.

  2. Kunnuji Sam says:

    Can you please differentiate between the music edition and the presentation music edition

    • Editor says:

      Hi Kunnuji – thanks for being in touch. Can you perhaps clarify your question? The presentation edition contains the exact same content as the normal music edition, but the book itself is lighter and more attractive – as detailed on this page.

  3. David Gooch says:

    Having just received a presentation music edition of Singing The Faith we are extremely disappointed to find that it is so much bigger and heavier than our presentation edition of Hymns and Psalms. It is quite simply too big to carry to church! Why have you made it so big?

  4. Sylvia Houldsworth says:

    I would love a presentation music copy of Singing the Faith,because my Music Copy is so heavy,but has the price come down from £50 yet?

  5. Beryl Thompson says:

    Is there any possibility that Singing the Faith will be brought out in an edition similar to Hymns and Psalms with a zip around it – music edition please.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Beryl – the presentation edition has now been published but without the zipped case. It seems unlikely that an alternative presentation edition will be published in the foreseeable future.

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