Electronic words edition

Launched 30 November 2011
Cost: £30
Order direct from Methodist Publishing (phone 0845 017 8220) or from the product publisher at Norwich Books and Music (phone 01603 785925) and then download the installation package from www.hymnview.com/STF/download.*

(*NOTE: The STF in this website address must be typed in CAPS.)

If you have a question about your copy of the electronic words edition, the first step you should take is: 

Consult the help files on the hymnview website

If you still require help, please email the product publishers at support@hymnview.com


When you order the edition you will be sent a program key, which is needed to activate the software. The software can be installed and activated for use on a single PC at any one time only by the purchase of the program key. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 7, including XP and Vista. There is no version for Apple Macintosh. If you install on Windows 2000 or later you need Administrator privileges to run the program successfully.

Questions and queries. If you have any problems downloading this edition, please check help files on the hymnview website first. If you have any further comments, questions or general queries, please contact the product publishers direct at support@hymnview.com

At the core of the software is a low-resolution image of each double-page spread of the printed music edition. You can navigate the pages by clicking forward or backwards or by using the search function. Once you have found your chosen hymn or song, you can export the words for which copyright permission has been given.

Please note: Before the words can be projected or printed, many of the copyright holders insist that CCLI licence numbers must be entered into the programme or, where the material is not covered by CCLI, users are directed to the copyright holder or their agent.

Further details on the electronic words edition can be found here:
Overview (PDF)

Further details with screen images (Word doc.)

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