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Are guitar chords available for all hymns?
Work has begun on producing guitar chords for all the hymns in Singing the Faith. We will post the chords on this site in due course. It’s a big task but if there is a particular hymn you would like chords for urgently, then click here, let us know what you want and we will aim to get chords to you within a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, for items where guitarists will benefit from capo chords, only these have been included in the music edition of Singing the Faith. The Music Resources Group acknowledged that this may be restrictive for some pianists. However, they believed that, given the page size used and the desire to minimise awkward page-turns, it was the best solution as it means that, as a whole, the song will be approachable for keyboard players and guitarists, through the printed notation and chord labels respectively.

You can check out all the Singing the Faith hymns that have been printed with guitar chords by using the Hymns in different forms drop-down menu on the right of this page and searching the Song with guitar chords category.

Still to come… anything about anything that isn’t an organ. (Unless it’s an organ with a band of course.) Hymn tempos – guitar chords – old hymns to new tunes… There’s lots in Singing the Faith originally written with praise bands in mind – let us know how you are using it.

In the meantime, try Keith Getty on writing hymns and Barry McCormick’s blog: Re-writing Hymns …. Should we? on the What others are saying page.

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