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Using hymns and songs
Still to come…
articles and comments about how you are using Singing the Faith. What works and what doesn’t? Any good tips for learning a new tune? How are hymns being used in different ways – for prayer responses, personal reflection, or to inspire art work, banners, events…

We’d also like to hear about the impact that one song or hymn has had on your journey of discipleship. Get in touch.

Courtesy of AD2000 Worship Band

Worship leaders and praise bands
Still to come…
anything about anything that isn’t an organ. (Unless it’s an organ with a band of course.) Hymn tempos – guitar chords – old hymns to new tunes… There’s lots in Singing the Faith originally written with praise bands in mind – let us know how you are using it.

What others are saying
An eclectic mix of websites and blogs. Let us know which ones you visit regularly and we can add them to the list.

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