Worship Resources
Prayers, readings, suggested orders of worship and other materials to support and complement hymns and worship songs. Included under specific themes.

Latest hymns
Singing the Faith Plus hymns, published on this site and not included in the printed hymn book, are listed by latest published under Latest hymns. They are also listed in a single document using the same Contents headings as in the hymn book.

Hymns as Prayer
Hymns can be sung or they may be spoken. Whether sung by a worshipping congregation or spoken silently by an individual, hymns often take on the quality and purposes of prayer. Here are articles and suggestions to help you think further about using hymns as basis for prayer.

It’s no coincidence that several of the themed headings in Singing the Faith take the words we also use for types of prayer: Intercession and Petition; Repentance and Forgiveness. You can use the Theme search on the right hand side of this and every StF+ page to find hymns in these categories. In addition, you may use the Elements of Worship search to find hymns listed under e.g. Confession, Intercessory Response, Thanksgiving.

Useful links
Want to know where to track down extra resources to support your use of Singing the Faith? Website links on this page offer further help as you prepare worship. Plus discover organisations for those with a passion for sung worship – all providing online resources and letting you know about on-the-ground, face-to-face events and opportunities.

FAQ: Can I reproduce resources on this site?

The stories, people, hopes and ideas that lie behind the hymns we sing. Specially commissioned features, interviews and personal comments building up a mini-companion to the words and music of Singing the Faith.

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