New Hymns

Recent additions to StF+

All hymns reproduced on Singing the Faith Plus are published on the understanding that they can be used freely by site-users (for non commercial purposes), with any copyright information printed as appropriate.

Pay heed to the people you meet on the journey

“Pay heed to the people you meet on the journey” by Dominic Grant New on 7 September 2017 – early Christians rise to the challenge of giving shelter to the traveller see details

We turn to you in our despair

“We turn to you in our despair” by Robert Timpson New on 29 August 2017 – a modern psalm which responds to the world’s pain with Christ’s example of love see details

Like Thomas (Life is hard at times)

“Like Thomas (Life is hard at times)” by Heather Gallagher New on 9 August 2017 – the example of Thomas as an inspiration when “faith is low” see details

God eternal, timeless moment

“God eternal, timeless moment” by David Lee New on 1 June 2017 – a hymn for Trinity Sunday and throughout the year see details

May this place be one of nurture

“May this place be one of nurture” by Ally Barrett New on 3 May 2017 – a hymn reflecting the importance of being attentive to the welfare of children and vulnerable adults in our church life see details

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