New Hymns

Recent additions to StF+

All hymns reproduced on Singing the Faith Plus are published on the understanding that they can be used freely by site-users (for non commercial purposes), with any copyright information printed as appropriate.

We shall not forget

“We shall not forget” by Andrew Murphy and Matt Allen New on 30 October 2018 – a Remembrance Sunday hymn that extends our thinking well beyond the limits of war see details

At your table, Lord, we gather

“At your table, Lord, we gather” by Gareth Hill New on 24 September 2018 – a reflection on words from the communion liturgy, set to a contemporary tune see details

We gather round this table

“We gather round this table” by Andrew Herbert New on 24 September 2018 – a communion hymn that draws on Jesus’ teachings see details


“Beatitude (Blessed are the poor in spirit)” by Kimberley Rayson New on 24 September 2018 – setting of words from the Gospel of Matthew see details

Beyond impossibility

“Beyond impossibility” by Andrew Pratt New on 20 March 2018 – “in respect for Stephen Hawking”, the pioneering scientist who died 14 March 2018, aged 76 see details

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