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Singing the Faith Plus is about “faith expressed in and inspired by words and music”. It supports and complements the Methodist hymn book, Singing the Faith, published in 2011. (For further information about the book itself, choose the drop down menu above headed The hymn book. Find out about submitting your own new hymns to StF here.)

You can download this video for playing where there is no internet connection by choosing the ‘download’ option here.

Our short 11-minute video above, Making the most of Singing the Faith Plus, offers an overview of all the website’s main features and encourages site users to share its resources with those not so comfortable with computer technology. It introduces:

  • the Home Page
  • hymn posts
  • finding hymns
  • lectionary suggestions
  • new hymns
  • other Singing the Faith resources

“I have to tell you that a few eyes were opened: they were astonished at the power of the tools available.” (ArtServe Conference participant)
“Amazing!” (Tony Jasper, author, broadcaster, actor playwright, journalist)

Singing the Faith Plus is supported by Methodist Insurance.

9 Responses to About StF+

  1. jane steer says:

    please can someone explain why the large print copy of this book is not in fact large print.
    To meet the large print status it should be in 12-14 point and it is far from this size.
    being partially sighted i am unable now to take part in the singing in church. I do not read braille .

    • Editor says:

      Dear Jane – thank you for being in touch. I’ll pass on your enquiry to those who can answer with more accuracy than me.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Jane – we’ve spoken to the publisher about your enquiry. They tell us: “The type of the large print is 15 on 16 point. The font is not available directly, as it’s a special version of Optima Medium with additional vertical strengthening to make it slightly bolder. It therefore exceeds the minimum specification… and conforms with the RNIB’s guidelines that large print is anything from 16pt upwards.” I hope this helps.

  2. Karen Portsmouth says:

    Greetings. We are a small chapel with no organist or music group, but we do have the organ and midi disc system with most of the Hymns & Psalms. Does such a recording exist for Singing the Faith? We are wanting to use the new hymn book and the facilities of StF+, but would like to be able to play the hymns through the organ. Any advice gladly received. Thank you.

  3. Mr David Harrison says:

    Please Is there available a comparrison listing between the Hymns that are in the old Hymns & Psalms and the new Singing the Faith books. Reason we do not have an organist or music group but are using an organ and yamaha midi disc with H.&P Set up by Rev,David Cooper and are now using the CD piano discs of StF and if there is a equivalent comparrison list we could use both and also some of the liked ones from H.& P. with the new ones from StF.
    I have started doing it by hand but it’s a long job.
    Many thanks . David Harrison .

  4. Archbishop Michael K. Stephen says:

    I am so thrilled that finally we have this website to help in the exploration of all that SINGING THE FAITH offers. I have great interest in Liturgy and particularly in creative use of hymns. I look forward to greater opportunity of interacting in this way.

  5. Tarrance Hugo Butcher says:

    An excellent resource so comprehensive and easy to use.

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