What shall our greeting be (StF 691)

What shall our greeting be:
sign of our unity? 

Source: Singing the Faith: 691
Words: Fred Pratt Green
Music: “Moscow” by Felice de Giardini
Metre: 66.4.666.4.
Verses: 3

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In one of his most assertive texts, Fred Pratt Green both neatly adapts words attributed to St Paul (e.g. Ephesians 4: 4-5) and also alludes to John Wesley’s sermon called A Catholic Spirit. Wesley headed this sermon (designed to be read rather heard) with a biblical quotation apt, among other occasions, for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: “Is your heart right, as my heart is with your heart?” And Jehonadab answered: “It is.” [Jehu said], “If it is, give me your hand.” (2 Kings 10: 15)

Fred Pratt Green was a Methodist poet and hymn writer who died in 2000.

Also see Life and Unity in the Church

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