The StF Advent “one stop shop”

Meeting all your Advent worship needs.

Advent Candle liturgies
Three liturgies for use through Advent by Mark Earey and Alison Richards, each built around hymns in Singing the Faith, including Mark Earey’s own advent hymn  “Advent candles tell their story” (StF 165) and Bernadette Farrell’s hymn, “Longing for light, we wait in darkness” (“Christ, be our light!”) (StF 706).

Four more candle hymns available only from StF+

Recent Advent hymns
More hymns for Advent and Christmas by Gareth Hill and Laurence Wareing

Hope in dark times: AIDS and Advent
World AIDS Day is marked this year on Saturday 1 December.


Christingle and other Advent resources
Composer Valerie Ruddle’s easy-to-use introduction to the Advent hymns in Singing the Faith, plus ideas for Christingle and links to other prayers and resources.

Methodist Advent Offering Resources
Service resources on the theme of “Comfort my people”. Designed to support churches in holding an Advent Offering service for the Mission in Britain Fund during Advent Sunday 2017 – with Leaders’ Notes and an Order of Service. Resources available in English and Welsh.

Each year All We Can, the Methodist relief and development partner, provides engaging Advent and Christmas resources. Prayers, reflections, poems, films and more, will help light up your services as well as lives across the world. Order and download your Extraordinary Gift campaign.

Christian Aid resources
New Advent and Christmas resources for 2017, with an emphasis on food crises around the world and the malnutrition suffered by children.

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  1. Editor says:

    Thanks to one site user for this feedback:

    “Thank you for the Advent ‘One stop shop’ – excellent resources as always, which have helped shape Advent services across the circuit :)” (Andrew Letby, Croydon)

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