When we are tested and wrestle alone (StF 240)

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When we are tested and wrestle alone

Source: Singing the Faith: 240
Words: Ruth Duck (Luke 4:1-11)
Music: “Angels of healing” by Carlton Young
Verses: 4

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Categories:, Angels of Healing, Conflict, Suffering and Doubt, Duck, Ruth (auth), Lent, The Faithful Christ in Lent, Young, Carlton R..

2 Responses to When we are tested and wrestle alone (StF 240)

  1. Fred Cuff says:

    Can you please tell me the tune of this hymn. Is there another hymn that is more familiar that has a similar tune?
    Thank you!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Fred – thanks for your enquiry. Carlton Young’s tune “Angels of healing”, the set tune for “When we are tested” is worth learning if you can. The four lines are all sung to the same rhythm, and though the second line throws in a surprising twist in the harmony, I don’t think it would take folk long to catch on – and the tune has a satisfying conclusion.

      The best way to choose an alternative tune is to click on the metre in the categories list and to look at the other hymns listed under that metre. In this case, not many of the alternative tunes sit well with emphasis of the words but you could try “Trisagion” – StF 492. I hope this helps.

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