Listen, my people (website only)

“Listen, my people, here is my challenge:
Can you be loving as I love you?
Those who offend you, hurt or ill-treat you,
Like you God’s children, they’re precious too!”

Do you mean us, Lord? Can it be done, Lord?
Self-giving love that looks for no gain?
If you’ll stay close we’ll give it a try, Lord,
Showing your mercy, sharing your pain.

“Listen, my people, here is my challenge:
Can you forgive as I forgive you?
Those who have failed you, pained or betrayed you,
Do not condemn, you’ve all done it too.”

Do you mean us, Lord? Can it be done, Lord?
You will repay, so leave it to you?
Help us to trust and let you be judge, Lord.
As you forgive, may we forgive too.

Words: © Gillian Collins

Metre: (55.54.D.)

Suggested tune: “Bunessan” (StF 136: Morning has broken) For an alternative, you may like to try this new tune, Handling Holiness.

Bible reference:
Jesus said, “I tell you who hear me: love your enemies…do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” (Luke 6: 27, 37)

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One Response to Listen, my people (website only)

  1. Gillian Collins says:

    This hymn works well if alternate verses are sung as question and answer by two sides of the congregation, or choir/soloist and congregation (thanks to Valerie Ruddle for this suggestion).

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