Time for God (a responsive round) (website only)

Time for God, time for God:
help us find time for God,
time for God,
time for God. 

Words and music: © 2011, Barbara Honeyball Young

Download words and music as a PDF

Ideas for use

Barbara’s sung prayer may be sung in unison or as a 4-part round. Either way, her suggestions for dynamics underline the gentle rise and fall of the music, concluding with the prayerful repetition – like an ebbing wave – of the words “time for God”.

“Time or God” might serve as a gathering song (perhaps as a Bible or other symbol of worhship is brought forward) or as a sung response within a sequence of spoken prayers.

Categories: Gathering in God's Presence, Honeyball Young, Barbara (auth), Honeyball Young, Barbara (comp), Hymns only online (submit to stfplus@methodistchurch.org.uk), Intercession and Petition, Responses.

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