When the earth’s wild hidden forces (website only)

1 When the earth’s wild hidden forces
roar and shake and tilt the ground‚
making fissures, cracks, and sinkholes
in this land that once seemed sound‚
then we know a power beyond us,
part of mystery profound,
part of mystery profound.

2 When the earth’s wild hidden forces,
crush and maim, and kill life’s dreams,
taking from us those who loved us,
people that we long esteemed‚
then we know a power beyond us,
greater than we ever dreamed,
greater than we ever dreamed.

3 When the earth’s wild hidden forces,
strike our cities thought secure,
damage buildings long enduring,
till‚ unsafe, they stand no more‚
then we know a power beyond us,
sprung forth from creation’s store,
sprung forth from creation’s store.

4 Now let earth’s wild hidden forces,
show us values long ignored
in our search for passing pleasures:
life and love, and faith in God‚
in the testing and the turmoil
may God’s healing power be found
may God’s healing love abound.

Copyright, ©‚ September 2010, Norman E Brookes (CCLI Song No 5953367) Used by permission

Metre: 87.87.47. extended

Suggested tune: Cwm Rhondda (StF 465; H&P 437)

See also Singing the moment

Categories: 87.87.47. (extended), Brookes, Norman, Cwm Rhondda, Hymns only online (submit to stfplus@methodistchurch.org.uk), Nature and Mystery of God, Wholeness of Creation.

One Response to When the earth’s wild hidden forces (website only)

  1. Comment on the hymn “When the earth’s wild hidden forces”
    I have spent twenty years of my life in Christchurch, New Zealand, and eight of those years were in Circuit ministry. Although I now live in Auckland, I have many fond memories of people and places in Christchurch. I was deeply saddened therefore by the loss of life and destruction of much of the city in the February 2010 earthquake and this is what led me to write the hymn
    Very recently it has been decided to demolish the St Alban’s (Christchurch), church whose then congregation were under my care for five years in the 1970′s, so the impact of the earthquakes on the city and its people continues. .

    Norman E Brookes

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