By a monument of marble (StF 131)

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By a monument of marble,
or a simple wooden cross 

Source: Singing the Faith: 131
Words: Marjorie Dobson
Music: “Scarlet ribbons” by Evelyn Danzig arr John L. Bell
Metre: 87.87.D. (Trochaic)
Verses: 3

Copyright information: The copyright for this text is held by Marjorie Dobson who writes: “While it remains in my copyright I am perfectly willing for it to be used in any act of worship, church, private, or public, without fee or individual permission having to be granted, as long as authorship and copyright are made clear.”

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Alternative tune – Blaenwern (StF 503)

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Ideas for use

Marjorie Dobson’s text is especially helpful for a public, outdoor ceremony. It is set to the widely familiar tune “Scarlet Ribbons”, quickly accessible to more than regular church-goers.

More information

In simple and direct language, Marjorie asks the basic question: “Why must factions stir up conflict?”, saying that “this eternal mystery / troubles hearts and stirs the conscience, / urges us to think again…” The hymn ends with a prayer:

God, we need your help and guidance
in our constant search for peace.
Move us on to new solutions
as we pray that wars may cease.

See also Remembering conflict – singing for peace

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