Come, Holy Spirit, descend on us (StF 374)

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Come, Holy Spirit, descend on us 

Source: Singing the Faith: 374
Words: John L. Bell
Music: “Breath of heaven” by John L. Bell
Metre: 54.48
Verses: 8

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Ideas for use

Consider a lower key to assist congregation, especially if it is sitting down. This might be appropriate if slected verses are being used as sung responses to prayers e.g. of intercession.

More information

From the end of verse 1 onwards, the cantor(s) sing a new phrase that is then picked up as the first line of the following verse. Note that two options are given for the cantor’s phrase – one higher, one lower. The two options are not intended to be sung together.

Categories: 54.48., Bell, John L. (auth), Bell, John L. (comp), Breath of heaven, Gathering, Pentecost, Responses, The Gift of the Holy Spirit.

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