Come, let us sing to the One (StF 2)

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Come, let us sing to the One 

Source: Singing the Faith: 2
Words: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty
Music: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty
Metre: Irregular
Verses: 3

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The layout of this hymn in Singing the Faith (music edition) has caused a little confusion. The instruction “last tune to Coda” above bar 5 refers only to verse 3. The refrain is sung only after verses 1 and 2. So… as it is laid out in the music edition of StF, the hymns runs like this:

  • v.1 (bars 1 – 8 repeated, going to the second time bar at the end of line 8)
  • Refrain (bars 10 – 22, to the repeat bars). Return to the very beginning for v.2
  • v.2 (bars 1 – 8 repeated, going to the second time bar at the end of line 8)
  • Refrain (bars 10 – 22, to the repeat bars). Return to the very beginning for v.3
  • v.3 (bars 1 – 8 repeated, except that this final time, observe the instruction at bar 5 and jump to the Coda , i.e. the very last line of music)
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6 Responses to Come, let us sing to the One (StF 2)

  1. Maureen Mander says:

    Not being musical, just the Powerpoint presenter for our church, I do not understand your explanation. does it mean that we sing the 3rd verse then just repeat ‘let us sing to our Lord’?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Maureen – thanks for being in touch. Yes, this has caused a little confusion. I’ve now put what I hope is a clearer, definitive explanation in the post above. Let me know if this works for you. Ed.

    • Rob Newton says:

      Or you can just go verse 1 – chorus – verse 2 – chorus – verse 3 – chorus and end, no confusion, satisfies all expectations, everyone’s happy. (Except those reading the music rather than singing!)

  2. Alison says:

    Surely you sing verse 1 (the music repeats but the words are different), then the chorus.
    Going back to the beginning of the music, following the repeat marks again, you sing verse 2, then the chorus.
    Then back to the beginning again, sing verse 3 – but no chorus, instead at the 2nd time bar you go to the coda, and finish.

    Otherwise you sing the same music 4 times (gets a bit boring) and finally get to the sing the chorus once and once only, before returning to the 3rd verse lyrics and the same music twice over.

  3. Margaret Bryant says:

    Where does the coda come? Do we only sing the chorus after verses 1 and 2? I cannot work it out never having heard it sung

    • Editor says:

      Hi Margaret -

      thanks for your enquiry. Yes, you’re right. As written, the chorus is sung only after vv.1&2. At the end of v.3 you go to the coda. In practice, there is in fact nothing to stop you singing the chorus through a third time and ending on the final C major chord (on the words “praise”), omitting the bridging passage that follows.

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