Father, hear the prayer we offer (StF 518)

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Father, hear the prayer we offer 

Source: Singing the Faith: 518
Words: Love Maria Willis
Music: “Sussex” Trad English adapted Ralph Vaughan Williams
Metre: 87.87. (Trochaic)
Verses: 4

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Ideas for use

Note from Philip Baldwin: Does anyone else ever use 2 tunes for one hymn ? It solves the problem of ‘why didn’t you play the other tune’! I use Gotts will machen for the first and last verses of Father hear the prayer we offer and Sussex for the middle verses. The two tunes for In the bleak midwinter by Holst and Darke go together very well …although you really have to concentrate on the third line as it is very easy to slip from one into the other!

Categories: 87.87. (Trochaic), English traditional, Intercession and Petition, Intercessory response, Sussex, Vaughan Williams, Ralph, Willis, Love Maria.

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