Hills of the north, rejoice (StF 172)

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Hills of the north, rejoice

Source: Singing the Faith: 172
Words: Charles Oakley
Music: “Little Cornard” by Martin Edward Fallas Shaw
Metre: 66.66.88.
Verses: 5

Correction to copyright: Delete “Music: © J. Curwen & Sons Ltd”; replace with “Music: Permission applied for”

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Categories: 66.66.88. (see, Advent, Little Cornard, Oakley, Charles E., Shaw, Martin Edward Fallas.

One Response to Hills of the north, rejoice (StF 172)

  1. The editors of “English Praise” have done singers of this hymn a grave disservice by changing “home” to “on” in verse 5. There is (literally) neither rhyme nor reason for this substitution which makes an unwarranted and significant change to the theology that is being expressed. Whether looking at Baruch chapter 5 (the lectionary reading for the 2nd Sunday in Advent, Year C) or at Isaiah’s stirring prophecy in chapter 43 (verses 5-7) which were surely in C E Oakley’s mind when he penned this hymn, the meaning is quite clear: God is bringing his people home – as one day He will bring all his children.

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