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Andrew Pratt's hymn "Beyond impossibility" was inspired by the life of Professor Stephen Hawking

The familiar is the sacrament of Holy Communion, which is a regular, and special, feature of our Christian worship together. Gareth Hill and Andrew Herbert bring us two new communion hymns:

  • Gareth’s At your table, Lord, we gather incorporates words from the communion liturgy and sets his words to contemporary music suitable for a worship band.
  • We gather round this table by Andrew Herbert adds a new perspective to our experience of this shared meal by alluding to Jesus’ teachings about “greatness”.

Kimberley Rayson’s deceptively simple setting of more of Jesus’ teachings – the Beatitudes - offers the possibility of flexible musical accompaniment, and a helpful time of sung reflection.

Andrew Pratt “pushes the envelope” both in Beyond impossibility, inspired by the life of Professor Stephen Hawking, and in The world is fraught with danger, in which the post-Easter experience of St Thomas is re-thought for the present day.

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