Jesus Christ – Perfect Love (StF 325)

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Jesus Christ – Perfect Love

Source: Singing the Faith: 325
Words: Geraldine Latty; busbee
Music: Geraldine Latty; busbee
Metre: Irregular
Verses: 4

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Geraldine Latty

Five of Geraldine Latty’s songs have been included in Singing the Faith. Known for her ministry at Spring Harvest and FocusFest (Northern Ireland’s largest event for Christian women), Geraldine was born into a West Indian family living in Crewe in Cheshire. Her upbringing was in the Pentecostal tradition, she has headed up a music department in a Catholic school in Bristol, and has “spent a number of years being a part of the Methodist Church”.

Her very personal hymn, Worship God with the morning sunrise (StF 68), describes with attractive words the nature of the God she worships:

You are beautifully different,
you are gracious in your thoughts.
You’re the friend who’s proven faithful,
you are love laid down for us.

In 2000, Geraldine left teaching to “see what God wanted to do with her time” and has found that invitations and opportunities to serve have continued to grow in number.

Read Tony Cummings’ 2003 interview with Geraldine for the Cross Rhythms website.

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