Worship planning online – complete the survey

The Methodist Connexional Team is researching how best to support Methodist worship through the Singing the Faith website and a proposed worship planning smartphone app.

We would be hugely grateful for your input. The survey includes just ten short questions and will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Just click here and get started. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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4 Responses to Worship planning online – complete the survey

  1. Alison Parker says:

    I am grateful for this site. I mainly use the Sunday pages and have discovered many hymns that I was previously unaware of though they might not be new! it is of great assistance with my planning for worship.

  2. Charlene Thornberry says:

    Although most tunes can be summoned up on Youtube – it would be great if STFPlus could also have even just a few bars of the instrumental to all these wonderful new hymns and praise songs. I do not play nor read a note of music and having just a brief even just 2 lines of music would be grand.
    Thank you

    • Editor says:

      Hi Charlene – we are in the process of placing 30 second clips for each tune in the book onto the website and plan to be completed b September. The first 300 numbers in the book, plus others, all have the clips in place if you go to the individual hymn posts.

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