Two stars collide (website only)

Two stars collide, but love is not diminished,
while ripples thunder out through time and space,
the universe has shuddered down the centuries,
but nothing will unsettle given grace.

We look into the void, detect the difference
where gravity, disrupted, ripples on.
Our understanding, stressed through awe and wonder,
can count again the knowledge that’s been won.

Yet wisdom is much more than calculation,
than observations grounded on this earth,
we reach out through a mystery that surrounds us,
toward the source that brought us all to birth.

Written following the detection of gravitational waves caused by the collision to two neutron stars (see below*)

Words: © Andrew Pratt 16 October 2017


Suggested tunes: When writing these words, Andrew had in mind the tune “Intercessor” (Hymns & Psalms 411, used as the setting for Fred Kaan’s “We turn to you, O God of every nation”).

*The event, first detected on 17 August 2017 and which supports Einstein’s theory of relativity, was widely reported the following October – for example First-seen neutron star collision creates light, gravitational waves and gold (CNN); Neutron stars: ‘Hear’ the mighty cosmic collision (BBC); Why scientists believe collision of two neutron stars is a ‘eureka moment’ (Hindustan Times)

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One Response to Two stars collide (website only)

  1. Sharon Thraves says:

    I just sang this to the tune ‘you raise me up’ in a Muslim prayer room above a supermarket in Burnley as an example of sacred sounds in Methodism, part of an interfaith sharing of music for Building Bridges. Told them all about John and Charles too. Thought about singing a Wesley hymn, but then thought, ‘what would Charles do?’ Sing something new / current, to a popular tune…

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