O sacred head, sore wounded (StF 280i & ii)

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O sacred head, sore wounded 

Source: Singing the Faith: 280i and 280ii
Words: Paul Gerhadt trans James Waddell Alexander, Rupert Davies
Music: “Passion Chorale” by Hans Leo Hassler arr J. S. Bach (two arrangements)
Metre: 76.76.D
Verses: 4

Corrections to music (ver.2 only):

2nd stave, 2nd bar, 3rd beat – add natural before alto F
2nd stave, 2nd bar, 4th beat – add natural before bass D

Version 1 (280i)

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Version 2 (280ii)

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Categories: 76.76.D., Alexander, James Waddell, Bach, Johann Sebastian, Davies, Rupert E., Gerhardt, Paul, Hassler, Hans Leo, Passion Chorale, The Passion and the Cross.

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