Celebrating five years of Singing the Faith in Northampton

Great Billing Methodists still exploring Singing the Faith after five years

To celebrate five years using Singing the Faith, members of Great Billing Methodist Chapel invited local preachers and members from the Northampton Circuit for tea and cake and a grand sing-song.

This included learning some new items with Christmas in mind, and some which were then used in the evening service led by the Worship Leaders.

So far, in five years, the congregation of this small village chapel has sung a total of 370 different hymns or songs from Singing the Faith, including 214 which were not in Hymns and Psalms. Of these, 126 were completely new songs (that’s an average of one new one per fortnight!) and many of these have become firm favourites.

From this wide range of new and familiar songs and hymns, the three most frequently chosen by preachers have been Love Divine, all loves excelling (StF 503), The Lord’s my Shepherd (Stuart Townend ver., StF 481) and From heaven you came, helpless babe (“The Servant King”) (StF 272).

The chapel members are always willing to learn something new and to run it through with the congregation before the service. They share their enthusiasm for Singing the Faith and encourage the ministers and local preachers to continue to explore this excellent worship resource.

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