Responding to Orlando

Many folk are asking about – and looking for – resources with which to reflect on the killings in an LGBTQI nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on the morning of 12 June, 2016.

Different people will need to respond in different ways. StF+ is not suggesting specific hymns or readings but would like to point you to some existing resources on the site that, because of their themes, may have something to offer at this time. You may wish to sing all of a particular hymn or simply use some of the words in either sung or spoken prayer.

  • Hope in dark times (originally compiled with the conjunction of Advent and World Aids Day in mind)
  • Celebrating diversity (compiled for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity but highlighting new hymns by Stephanie Jenner and Gary Hopkins that reflect LGBTQI hopes and prayers)

Of the newer hymns published on StF+, see also:

To the dark place bring a candle by Richard Lucas
Hopeless to help in this violence, this crisis by Andrew Pratt (written initially in response to the “Charlie Hebdo” shootings in Paris, January 2015)

Also of help may be the Methodist Church in Britain statement on the shootings in Orlando, together with an accompanying group of prayers and reflections on the same page.

This is also perhaps a moment to remember that, whatever the ultimte motivations behind the events in Orlando, hate crimes against LGBTQI folk are not uncommon experiences. The annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, for example, has been set aside to memorialize those who are killed and abused due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

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