Praise to the living God! (StF 87)

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Praise to the living God!
All praised be his name

Source: Singing the Faith: 87
Words: Mediaeval Jewish Doxology trans Max Landsberg, Newton Mann
Music: “Leoni” arr Thomas Olivers
Metre: 66.84.D
Verses: 4

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Categories: 66.84.D., Hebrew, Landsberg, Max, Leoni, Mann, Newton, Nature and Mystery of God, Olivers, Thomas (comp), Praise and Thanksgiving.

3 Responses to Praise to the living God! (StF 87)

  1. Peter Millward says:

    Sadly, I don’t think it does. A semi-colon should come at the end of a unit that could be a sentence in its own right so must include a main verb, which the first two lines do not. In prose the text would make grammatical sense if written thus: “His Spirit, flowing free, high surging where it will (in prophet’s word he spoke of old), is speaking still”. The basic sentence is then: “His Spirit … is speaking still”, but to leave the main verb to the fourth line of a verse makes it difficult to understand at a first reading.
    As we are called to offer God the best we are capable of, I have a deep objection to being asked to use bad grammar in worship!
    (Please excuse the typo in my previous comment. I do know how to spell “parenthetical”.)

  2. Peter Millward says:

    Can anyone explain the grammar of the revised third verse? No main verb until the fourth line, with an extremely clumsy parentetical clause in the third line, though not punctuated as such.

    • Editor says:

      I’m inclined to agree, Peter. I wonder if replacing the colon at the end of line 2 with a semi-colon doesn’t more or less solve the problem – the missing “and” at the start of line four being taken as read, poetically as it were!

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