Praise ye the Lord! ‘Tis good to raise (StF 115)

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Praise ye the Lord! ‘Tis good to raise
our hearts and voices in his praise

Source: Singing the Faith: 115
Words: Isaac Watts
Music: “Justification” by J Eagleton
Metre: 88.88.88. Long Metre extended
Verses: 5

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Note about words

One user of Singing the Faith has made the observation that the line reading “The beasts with food his hand supply” (v.4, line 3) is not strictly correct. This could imply that the beasts are supplying God’s hand with food, and not the other way around. While the textual history of this hymn is a little complex, it seems likely that an appropriate version of this line is:

“The beasts with food his hands supply”

Categories: 88.88.88. extended, Creation and Providence, Eagleton, J., Justification, Praise and Thanksgiving, Watts, Isaac.

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