Chords for guitarists and others

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Until now, a clear omission on Singing the Faith Plus has been the absence of accessible chord sheets for use by individual musicians and praise bands.

At last, and with grateful thanks to our colleagues at Coventry Methodist Central Hall, we are beginning to go some way to rectifying that omission.

For the first time, we are publishing chord sheets for a wide range of hymns in Singing the Faith – and, where appropriate, chords are available in two versions: concert (original key) version and an alternative capo version for guitar players.

A spreadsheet showing the hymns and songs with chord sheets is available below. Hymns and songs with chord sheets are highlighted in yellow. Simply click on the hymn name and this will take you to the correct StF+ post, where you will find the chord sheet link(s) and other relevant information.

Guitar chords posted @ September 2014 (Excel spreadsheet) This list is currently being updated

This list will be updated as more sheets are added. It includes only those hymns for which we have posted the new chord sheets. It does NOT refer to other hymns printed in Singing the Faith that may also include suggested chords (see note below**).

For copyright reasons, some sheets include the text of only one verse (and/or chorus) of the hymn.

Want chords for another hymn?

**This service is currently suspended.** If you want to request a chord sheet that isn’t currently available, please email us at As the work of producing these sheets is done voluntarily, you need to allow us at least 3 weeks’ notice.


For hymns where chords have already been included in the printed editions of Singing the Faith, there may be some differences between the chords on the chord sheets and those in the book. These may be corrections of mistakes in the book, but sometimes the sheet compiler has reverted to original chords if there has been a rearrangement in StF. Additionally, the key has been changed in one or two songs, usually just by a semitone to suit trumpet / sax.

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2 Responses to Chords for guitarists and others

  1. Editor says:

    Hi Foxesden1 – just the hymns that are highlighted in yellow presently have chord sheets available. Click on the hymn title and this will take you to the relevant hymn post. As we mention above, however, the spreadsheet is being updated at present, and we do plan to keep adding to the list.

  2. Foxesden1 says:

    I would be really grateful if you can let me know where you find the chords/lead sheets that are referred to on your Excel list. I can find many different hymns and songs listed, but if you click on most of them it takes you no where. So I am wondering how you can access the leadsheets/guitar chords for these hymns? Please http://www.singingthefaithplus explain?

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