Bible Sunday 2016

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Bible Sunday, as its promoters rightly point out, may be marked on any (or every!) Sunday. But in 2016 the Bible Society is offering Sunday 23 October as a day when many churches may wish to focus their attention on the stories, songs, theology, laws and visions that combine to create the hugely rich tapestry of writings we call the Christian scriptures.

In Singing the Faith, section nine is devoted to The Holy Scriptures (StF 153 – 164). Authors range from Charles Wesley (Come, divine interpreter and Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire) to Dan Damon (When listening prophets dare to speak), with two hymns apiece from Christopher Idle and Keith Getty/Stuart Townend.

Five additional hymns are suggested at the end of the section from elsewhere in the hymn book – including William Reid’s Help us, O Lord to learn (the truth your word imparts…) (StF 501) and Brian Wren’s Deep in the shadows of the past (StF 463):

Saint Mark the gospel writer, depicted in the Susteren Gospel (11th or 12th century) (Creative Commons)

For all the writings that survived,
for leaders, long ago,
who sifted, copied, and preserved
the Bible that we know,
give thanks, and find its story yet
our promise, strength and call,
the model of emerging faith,
alive with hope for all.
(verse 4)


Other resources are offered by the Bible Society – not only an introductory video but a sermon by author and former Bishop of Oxford John Pritchard (focusing on Isaiah 45), four contemporary accounts of how the Bible is alive and welcome in diferent parts of our world, and other resources, in English and Welsh.

In Scotland, the Scottish Bible Society is offering resources on the theme of Coming Home, taking Psalm 84: 1-7 (“How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord of hosts!”) and 2 Timothy 4: 6-8 as starting points.

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