The peace of the earth be with you (StF 774)

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The peace of the earth be with you

Source: Singing the Faith: 774
Words: Trad Guatemalan trans Christine Carson
Music: Trad Guatemalan arr John L. Bell
Metre: Irregular
Verses: 1

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Categories: Bell, John L. (comp), Carson, Christine, Dismissal/Sending Out, Guatemala, Irregular, Liturgical settings, Short song.

2 Responses to The peace of the earth be with you (StF 774)

  1. Debra Johnson says:

    Hi! We sing this song at our church and my daughter is from Guatemala adopted. Her name is Maria and she plays the OBOE. She loves this tune. Is there any more information about it?
    We will be going to Guatemala in July. Are there any more songs that you know from Guatemala.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Debra – thanks so much for this. I’m glad you’re daughter likes this hymn so much – if she is playing the melody on the oboe, I can imagine that it sounds beautiful. I haven’t yet tracked down any other Guatemalan tunes. There are two volumes of “songs of the world church” published by Wild Goose Publications (“Many and Great”; “Sent by the Lord”) – and both books have a number of songs from other South American countries, which may be of interest – none from Guatemala though. We will ask around in the World Church department of the Methodist Church and see if there are any other suggestions.

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