There is no moment of my life (StF 482)

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There is no moment of my life 

Source: Singing the Faith: 482
Words: Brian Foley
Music: “Kenwyn (Hopkins)” by Edward John Hopkins
Metre: 86.86. Common Metre
Verses: 4

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Categories: 86.86. Common Metre, Foley, Brian, Hopkins, Edward John, Kenwyn, Our Journey with God.

3 Responses to There is no moment of my life (StF 482)

  1. Tony Cox says:

    I wish there was a way that we could here the tune as well as see the words.

    • Editor says:

      So do we, Tony, so do we! You wouldn’t believe how many shots we’ve had at trying to work out a solution to this but because of copyright issues and because the Methodist Church is not the publisher of Singing the Faith, every idea we have hits an unsurmountable hurdle. I’m so sorry. If we can ever find a workable solution, believe me StF+ will jump on it!

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