Hymns asking questions on StF+

Some challenging and thoughtful new and recent hymns are now available on Singing the Faith Plus.

From the Revd Harold Stutely, a superintendent minister in the Cumbria District, comes a text that confronts the hard question of whether or not God’s love extends to those of non-Christian faiths. His starting point is Jesus’ declaration in the Gospel of John, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through me”. Harold has titled his hymn, No other name?

What does it mean to lay down our lives for others, asks Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown, who lives in Hertfordshire, takes on other challenging words of Jesus in Lord, we recall your words of love – a hymn suitable for Remembrance Sunday (amongst other occasions), with the refrain:

No one has greater love than this:
to lay down life to help their friends.

Andrew’s hymn follows up his earlier and equally thoughtful text, We cannot bear the full light of your glory, his reflections on our limited understanding of God’s will.

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the Boxing day tsunami that killed over 10,000 people in southern Asia, we have transferred to StF+ a hymn by the Revd Gareth Hill that was originally available on the Methodist Church site: When innocence is fractured.

Gareth Hills celebrates God-in-creation © Depositphotos.com/chaoss

Gareth offers another text hat might be seen as complementary to his response to the tsunami. In Heaven’s heart is pulsing, he celebrates the presence of God within all of creation and asks, what should be our response to such good news?

And, finally, another text from Harold Stutely – his honest prayer to the Holy Spirit for support in difficult times, Holy Spirit, be my Helper:

When my life seems dull and pointless,
when earth’s joys are turning sour,
Holy Spirit, energize me –
come with your refreshing power.

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