Holy Spirit, be my Helper (website only)

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When alone I come before you,
when I kneel and try to pray,
Holy Spirit, be my helper;
Teach me what I ought to say.
When I start to read my Bible,
Holy Spirit, truth impart.
Shed your light upon its pages;
may its message touch my heart.

When I’ve let you down and hurt you,
when I’ve failed to heed your will,
Holy Spirit, reassure me;
let me know God loves me still.
When my life seems dull and pointless,
when earth’s joys are turning sour,
Holy Spirit, energize me –
come with your refreshing power.

When my confidence is waning
(scared to try, afraid to fail),
Holy Spirit, help me trust you –
show the love that will prevail.
When life’s cares are overwhelming,
pressing me towards despair,
Holy Spirit, be my healer;
hold me with your loving care.

Words: © Harold Stutely

Metre: 87.87.D

Suggested tunes: “Abbot’s Leigh” (StF 410) or (a gentler alternative) John Bell’s “Transformation” (StF 296)

The Revd Harold Stutely is a Yorkshire man, born in Leeds in 1947. Currently, he is the superintendent minister of the Sedbergh Circuit in the Cumbria District. He is married, with four grown-up children.

Categories: 87.87.D. (Iambic), Abbot’s Leigh, Conflict, Suffering and Doubt, Hymns only online (submit to stfplus@methodistchurch.org.uk), Intercession and Petition, Stutely, Harold, The Gift of the Holy Spirit, Transformation.

One Response to Holy Spirit, be my Helper (website only)

  1. Rosemary J Wells says:

    Lovely hymn. I think it fits nicely to Calon Lan, as well. I think that would be my choice.

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