Sunday 5 November, 2017

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Readings are laid out as for the continuous form of the lectionary. Alternative related readings (OT and psalm only) are below. Hymns marked with an asterisk (*) are suggested for more than one reading.

Joshua 3: 7-17

Come, let us join our friends above (StF 744)
Guide me, O thou great Jehovah (StF 465)
Just as we are (website only)
Thine be the glory (StF 313)

Psalm 107: 1-7, 33-37

Hymns echoing the psalmist’s theme

I’ll praise my Maker while I’ve breath (StF 79)
Now thank we all our God (StF 81)
The steadfast love of the Lord (StF 66)

1 Thessalonians 2: 9-13

*Brother, sister, let me serve you (StF 611)
Called by Christ to be disciples (StF 660)
Help us, O Lord, to learn the truths your word imparts (StF 501)
Jesus, Lord, we look to thee (StF 686)
Speak, O Lord, as we come to you (StF 161)

Matthew 23: 1-12

*Brother, sister, let me serve you (StF 611)
Father in heaven (StF 4)
*In an age of twisted values (StF 703)
Jesus Christ is waiting (StF 251)
*Show me how to stand for justice (StF 713)
There’s a wideness in God’s mercy (StF 416)

Alternative related readings:

Micah 3: 5-12

Beauty for brokenness (StF 693)
God weeps (StF 700)
Heaven shall not wait for the poor to lose their patience (StF 701)
I will speak out for those who have no voices (StF 702)
*In an age of twisted values (StF 703)
O God of hope, your prophets spoke (StF 708)
*Show me how to stand for justice (StF 713)
The right hand of God is writing in our land (StF 715)
When mountains that we thought secure (StF 722)
Who can sound the depths of sorrow (StF 723)

Psalm 43

Hymns echoing the psalmist’s theme

Deep in the darkness a starlight is gleaming (StF 625)
God of my faith, I offer you my doubt (StF 629)
My troubled soul, why so weighed down? (StF 635)
When I’m feeling down and sad (StF 642)
When, O God, our faith is tested (StF 643)     see details / comment

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