Wood, Paul (comp)

Author of life divine (StF 572ii)

Author of life divine,
who has a table spread     see details / comment

Categories: 66.66.88. (see, Holy Communion, Shirland, Wesley, Charles, Wood, Paul (comp), Wright, Paul Leddington

Beyond these walls of worship (StF 547)

Beyond these walls of worship,
in the stress and joy of life     see details / comment

Categories: Church Anniversary, Commitment/Dedication, Guitar chords available, Irregular, Mission and Evangelism, Morrison, Nicola, Wood, Paul (auth), Wood, Paul (comp), Worsfold, Ian (auth), Worsfold, Ian (comp) 2 Comments

Into a world of dark (StF 387)

Into a world of dark,
waste and disordered space     see details / comment

Categories: 66.66., Clarke, Martin V., Creation and Providence, Higham Lane, Pentecost, Phillips, Ann, The Gift of the Holy Spirit, Wood, Paul (comp)

Jesus on the mountain peak (StF 259)

Jesus on the mountain peak     see details / comment

Categories: 78.78. and Alleluias, Clarke, Martin V., Guitar chords available, Tansy, Transfiguration, Wood, Paul (comp), Wren, Brian

Over all the earth, you reign on high (StF 63)

Over all the earth, you reign on high     see details / comment

Categories: Brown, Brenton (auth), Brown, Brenton (comp), Guitar chords available, Irregular, The Adoration of God, Wood, Paul (comp)

We pray for peace (StF 719)

We pray for peace,
but not the easy peace     see details / comment

Categories: 46.66.68., Gaunt, Alan, Hounsfield, Intercession and Petition, Justice and Peace, Remembrance, Wood, Paul (comp), Wright, Paul Leddington