Murphy, Andrew T

Lift your voices (website only)

“Lift up your voices” by Andy Murphy New on 16 August 2013 – a wedding hymn set to the tune “Sing Hosanna”     see details / comment

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Lord Jesus Christ (Living Lord): A Eucharistic Prayer

A prayer for Holy Communion written around “Lord Jesus Christ” (StF 594)     see details / comment

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Love laid bare (website only)

“Love laid bare” by Andrew T. Murphy New on 30 October 2012 – upbeat re-telling of the Christmas story, set to “Winter Wonderland” by Felix Bernard     see details / comment

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New Jerusalem (website only)

“And did God’s feet in ancient time” (“New Jerusalem”) by Andrew T. Murphy New on 3 October, 2012 – a re-working of William Blake’s text with words that offer a flexible resource for many occasions.     see details / comment

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Son of God humiliated (website only)

“Son of God humiliated” by Andrew T. Murphy – a hymn for Good Friday and Passiontide New on 14 February, 2012     see details / comment

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In the wonder of creation (StF 110)

In the wonder of creation     see details / comment

Categories: 87.87.D. (Trochaic), Bethany, Creation and Providence, Murphy, Andrew T, Smart, Henry Thomas

The day the universe was started (StF 540)

The day the universe was started     see details / comment

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